Saturday, December 4, 2010


The other night the Fella was saying to me that he'd never really spent any time on YouTube.

Had no interest.

Didn't understand what all the fuss was about.

Obviously, I couldn't let that pass.  When considered along with other grumblings of the week ("Lady Gaga? Who? WHAT? Where are my slippers?????", or "WTF is a LOLcat???"), it became clear that the Fella was in desperate need of An Education.

We started out with the basics, and although the Fella tried to look nonchalant, I could see that he was starting to get excited.  He was, in fact, chalant.

We spent a long time looking at the classics.   Longer than we wanted.

But the Fella was able to press on through these frustrations long after I had tired of the lesson.

Usually I am indefatigable when it comes to plundering the treasures of the interwebs, but even I have my limits.

I don't think he noticed when I went to bed, and I couldn't tell you if he joined me that night.

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  1. It's about bloody time there was another post. I check EVERY DAY. But this one is super cool and full of hilariosity so I'll forgive you. O MOSS MY LOSA. Mine hubsband und I are going on an epic trip starting Monday, and I'm planning to bloogle it across the oceans. I will need you to be a regular reader. Twoll send yiu the lonk when it becimes avaolable. LIVE YIU LITS.

    pershedi? What type od 'word verification' is that?


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