Friday, October 8, 2010

A Very Quick Post On Account Of There Being Very Important Things I Should Be Doing Instead

Today I am supposed to be writing a thesis.  It's less than four weeks till I'm submitting it, and there are still many things to do.

Nonetheless, this morning I tore myself away from it to go to Fyshwick.

No, not for that.

They're not allowed to sell us fireworks anymore.  (By that, I mean Canberrans - not just me and the Fella.)

I went to the pet shop.  Honestly.  And I bought one of those tennis ball throwing-stick thingies, and the Fella was most disdainful, and then I cried a bit and I reminded him that of all my school reports, the one that still stings me is the Grade One report where my teacher observed "Lissy cannot throw or catch balls." And then the Fella felt really bad and said he'd buy me a present, or bake me a lemon-based dessert.  I can't remember which.  Maybe it was both.  Yes, now I think about it, it was both.

The point of the story is that today I realised there are lots of things I like about Canberra.  As I was driving  along on my merry way to Fyshwick, a car passed me that had a lacy blue bra fastened to its front grille.  Of course it's possible that it was residual evidence of a hit and run, but I think it was intended to be a parody of that strange accessory, the car bra.

Canberrans appreciate the visual pun, and can chortle about it with their friends at the Farmers' Market.

Whereas, if you tried it in any other town people would think you were from Canberra.


  1. Do learner drivers brandish a car training-bra?

  2. 4 weeks! Go you! And I hope it's all coming together nicely.

    I got a similar report on ball-handling skills in grade 3. Which is amusing, because that's when I started playing netball, which I've since continued doing with apparently no problems. On the other hand I also didn't make either the senior top grades or the Australian team, so maybe they had a point.

    (Me being 20cm shorter than the shortest member of the Australian team probably didn't help much either come to think of it.)

  3. Not sure about nicely, but it is coming together!

    Very much looking forward to the end. Then I will have time to practise my ball skills.


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