Thursday, September 30, 2010

Simply Not True

As any number of women will tell you, there's nothing more fun than experiencing your Ladytimes.
And as Livebird will tell you, nothing makes the whole thing funner than reading the trivia that a certain brand of Ladyproducts puts on their adhesive strip covering.  But like Livebird, I find that these gems are not always entirely accurate.

These fun facts range from the blatantly incorrect:"Mickey Mouse has four fingers on each hand".... the unprovable and poorly worded: "The largest pumpkin ever grown recorded a weight of 482kg."

..... to the fruits of a wasted research grant: "The average person spends 2 weeks of their life waiting for a traffic light to change." Which light? GAAAAH!

Many, however, just seem to be lies that are easier to accept than argue with.  Now, I'm no stranger to made up facts, but at least I try to make them sound plausible.

The statement that "The only animal that cannot jump is the elephant," for example, is a terrible falsehood.

Other animals that can't jump are:
  • slugs
  • corals
  • prawns (cooked)
  • earthworms
  • white men
  • hibernating bears
Do your research, people.


  1. I learned some trivia today. The average man misses the toilet bowl to the value of 1.5 litres of urine each year.

    Should I write in to Libra? I think more 'men are dumb' trivia would be appealing to that particular audience... you know... with the autumnal ladygardens.

  2. Wow. Imagine if all that urine could be collected. You'd have enough for a small pond or other urine-based project. Yet another reason why you should never live with an average man.

    I'd be interested to learn the statistics for cats. No reason.

    Please do write to them. There are too many untrue facts about pumpkins and not enough about pee.

  3. You are getting into the controversial subject of whether a thumb is a finger or not. I would argue that it is as we consider ourselves able to count to ten on our fingers, even though two are thumbs as well. Mickey can count to 8 on his fingers, even though two of his are also thumbs.

    The pumpkin stat is very wrong indeed, but proof of larger pumpkins are easily proven. The World Record was set only this year at a massive 782kg. That's like u and me standing on the same set of scales at the same time Lissy.

    I for one never ever miss the bowl.

  4. PS. Has anyone ever wondered about googles "word verification". I just had to type in 'linglym'. Is that a word? I'm wondering what new and amazing previously unknown to me word I will need to type to post this comment. Hopefully it will be 'pthygom'.

    PSS. I love to eat rocket. It maybe my fave green.

  5. Tim, surely you don't weigh 720kg?

    And yes, linglym is a word. It means slender, in the manner of a polecat.

  6. Why can't I edit the comments I make. The sentence: "The pumpkin stat is very wrong indeed, but proof of larger pumpkins are easily proven." is very dumb indeed. Please from now on read it like this: "The pumpkin stat is very wrong indeed. Proof of even larger pumpkins is very easily found." Thanks for you attention. Love Tum.


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