Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh, Ellen

Ellen has been a very good girl lately, which makes for poor blogging.  But on the upside, my blood pressure has dropped, I no longer sit in the car with big eyes of fear and clenchy tummy of dread before venturing out to open the gate, and I've stopped grinding my teeth.  I've even stopped looking at the RSPCA website to find a better dog.

Ellen has been so good, we've even started to go to the local oval for 'Yappy Hour' each day, where she runs around OFF LEAD, and has made lots of new friends.  Some of them are big and slobbery, and some are small and annoying.  Just like my friends!*

Such is my new found sense of inner peace that I'm able to start to delight again in the beauty around me.  And one of the things I noticed this week is that our vegie garden has started to yield some very pretty, and some very tasty things.

The rocket has gone to flower, but that's OK.  Nobody likes to actually eat it.

And a very cute little cauliflower was peeking out from behind its leaves.

It reminded me of that song:

Cauliflower, cauliflower,
Vegetable of Satan,
I hate yooooooouuuuu,
Vegetable of terror,
Vegetable of nastiness - 
or are you a fruit?
Either way, you are dreadful.
Except with cheese sauce.

And broccoli!  I noticed that we had grown a rather magnificent broccolus, and thought I might harvest some for my dinner.

Alas, when I went out with my knife, I found something had been nibbling at it. 

But who had taken such delicate nibbles?  Was it one of our possums?  A hungry cockatoo? Or the guy who reads the electricity meter?  It didn't really matter.  What mattered was that it made me really angry.   I was really angry and I also had a knife.  And then I thought about all the other things that made me angry and my inner calm disappeared.  But there was nothing to stab, so I used the knife to put my broccolus out of its misery.  

And so I had a half-eaten broccolus in one hand, a knife in the other, and that twitch I get in my left eyelid when I'm losing control.  And I was saying things like "nnnng," and "raahhrr."  And grinding my teeth.

My fury lingered, but it wasn't long before the question of what to do with the molested brassica resolved itself with a pleading look and a waggy tail.  What harm can it do? I thought, Ellen loves vegetables, and broccoli has to be better for her than the other things she eats.  Like fence palings and small stones.

So Ellen got to crunch it up and enjoy its deliciousness.

Silly me.

Silly, silly me.

Of course, Ellen now has a taste for broccoli.  So what did I find when I came home the following afternoon?

Ellen.  Very pleased with herself.  In a sea of green.

Ellen had pulled the plant up by its roots and chewed it into a million pieces.  She had also tried the cauliflower, but as it was not as tasty, she simply chewed the top off the plant and spat the florets back into the garden.  

This is where both plants used to stand proudly.

I have to go now.  I need to spend some time on the RSPCA website.

* my OTHER friends, obviously.  Not you.

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  1. Awww, Ellen's growing up (sort of).

    I can't believe she likes broccoli though, what a strange dog.


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