Saturday, July 3, 2010

Guns, Bats And Bottoms

One of the most interesting and challenging things about travelling to another country is learning local customs and laws.  These can be easy to forget, but in New York there is no shortage of reminders, recommendations and warnings to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Some of these are a bit scary,

some of them warn you against doing something that had probably never occurred to you to do, until you saw the sign, then you started having mischievous thoughts but the Fella gave you That Look With The Pursed Lips and you had to get all indignant and say you were only joking,

and some of them are just plain daft.

This seat-back sign may not seem silly at first glance, but this is how far we were seated from any bat and ball action at Yankee Stadium:

Unless this is what they meant.

Being so far from the action at the game, we had to amuse ourselves with enormous pretzels and beer.

And before you ask, yes - the pretzel did make me nauseous.  It made me feel even more queasy when I saw how many calories were in it.

Calorie listings are everywhere, presumably as part of efforts to reduce obesity.  If you ask me, anyone who eats the souvenir cup deserves to be fat.

Of course, having the data doesn't mean you're going to not eat something.  It just means you're going to feel bad for a moment, give a resigned little shrug and then tuck into it.

So we enjoyed enormous pizza 

red velvet cupcakes

and donuts.

Although, in fairness, we earned those donuts.

In a moment of madness, the Fella decided that it would be super fun to do a couple of fun runs, and talked me into doing one of them with him.

Now, at home when you finish a run you're offered a paper cup of water with some dust and a bug in it, and, if you're lucky, an undersized banana and a showbag with a year-old copy of Runner's World magazine in it.

God bless America.  At the finish line: a dozen donut choices, a range of bagels and coffee aplenty.  Oh, and a pile of untouched bananas on the end of the table.

This particular fun run was to raise money for colon cancer research.  One of the main risk factors for colon cancer is a low-fibre diet that is high in fat.  

I chose the choc-iced donut with sprinkles, and I was going to go back for a jelly donut, but the Fella said we had to save room for breakfast.

The other fun run had a more interesting treat at the end:

And people were actually lining up for it.  What nicer way to relax after an eight mile run?

But we didn't just go back to New York for their range of bottom-themed running events.  There were also some things of great charm and beauty.

Like the little bookshop in Brooklyn that looked a lot like our own loungeroom,


and a hotel room with the most amazing view.


  1. Why is that lady lining up for a prostate test?

  2. The guy at the bottom left is wondering the same thing.

  3. You are an enormous pretzel eating slob of a woman. I'm soooo envious.

    Rub u hard.


  4. Happy anniversary! And you went to NYC and did fun runs? You're insane.


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