Friday, July 16, 2010

The Devil's Library

In preparation for a book sale tomorrow I have just finished sorting through our boxes of books that are superfluous to our needs.  There are five hundred and eighty-nine books.  Not counting old law texts, which are being recycled, and not counting the Gregory's 1983-84 Sydney street directory, which is going to my craft stash for future upcycling in a brilliant and creative way.

Many of the books we're selling were purchased second-hand, and have names written on the first page.  Some of these inscriptions include heart-wrenching little notes to the person to whom the book was originally given, and were not meant to be read by anyone else.  Others are just an inked name - people staking a claim to the book in the same way that a cat might rub its face glands on it.

Most of these names are unknown, but I was quite surprised to see the name written neatly inside a somewhat shabby copy of Lord of the Flies.


Why a fairly senior demon would have read, and then chosen to discard, this novel is a mystery.  But then I read that Beelzebub means 'Lord of the Flies,' so perhaps he was just checking it out to see what people were saying.  The way I google myself every now and then.

Doesn't really matter.  What's important is that I'm gonna get me $2 for the book.


  1. You said 'upcycling'. For shame, ataxophile.

  2. I can't believe you're managing to get rid of 589 books (not including law texts and Gregorys, which seriously, why did you have a Gregory's in the first place? They're crap compared to melways.)

    I managed to cull exactly 5 books when we moved. At some point I'll finish going through the boxes stacked in the garage and decide if I can bear to part with any more. I still have all my old textbooks too.

  3. I agree that Gregory's is crap. But Melways is crapper for finding your way around Sydney!

  4. Sydways!! Sydways shows you around Sydney! And it's in colour! And you can identify streets! And creeks! Because they're in colour!! (Seriously I can't use UBDs at all, I have huge trouble working out what the maps represent. I blame the black and white factor.)

    No idea what you'd use for Tassie though.

  5. I will use my map of Tassie :)

    You walked right into that one.


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