Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Million Pauses Walk

Ellen and I have completed the Million Paws Walk.  We both feel an enormous sense of achievement, but while I'm pumped to enter more events, this was pretty much the only non food-related thing on Ellen's bucket list.  She told me she's planning to take things easy for the next decade.

An early highlight was finding the wading pools set up around the area.  Ellen was dripping wet within seconds of arrival.

Despite her initial reluctance, Ellen decided she could appreciate the kitsch value of the event bandana, and asked me to buy her one.  She did not appreciate the monetary value of it, however, and it took some serious wrestling, with gnashing teeth, to get the thing tied around her neck.  Only slight damage sustained by the bandana and my arms.

Some of the identified highlights were:

Sniffing this dog's bum

sniffing this dog's bum

and sniffing this dog's bum

and meeting Abby and Therese Rein

and jumping on Therese Rein with muddy paws

and getting a cookie when the walk was finished

and a dogaccino

and being ringside for the traditional ferret drowning contest.

All in all, a pretty fine day.

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