Friday, May 14, 2010

Doctor Ellen, Medicine Woman

On Thursday I was surprised to read on Ellen's school report card that she is "excellent at healing."  I'm glad she's good at something, and I will be sure to go to her next time I have an injury.

Ellen's big walk is tomorrow.  We have tapered the training, carb-loaded to the max, and got some good miles in those legs of hers.  I'm quietly confident that we're going to see a personal best.

Thank you to everyone who has already sponsored Ellen.

There's still time to sponsor her, and be in the draw for a very special pair of handmade earrings.  It's a unique opportunity to secure some fine dog/squid or other animal jewellery.  When I'm famous I'm not going to be giving them away like this, and how you will bemoan the fact you didn't leap at the chance.  Yes, that's right, bemoan.

I will draw the winner at 5:00 next Friday, 21 May, so donations can be made here up to that time.

Wish us luck!

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