Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Chilling Vision Of My Future

Without knowing how I got there, a couple of days ago I found myself standing in the cattery of the RSPCA.  And there was a little black cat looking at me and making pathetic little mewing noises and rubbing the bars of the cage with his very soft coat, and he looked like he was trying to tell me he loved me, or at least would like me to feed him immediately and worm him every twelve weeks and forgive him for pulling loops out of my carpet, and forgive him for gashing my ankles when he is older because he'd been inappropriately taught by someone when he was young that it's fun and acceptable to rough-house with hands and feet even though somebody with more smarts told that person he or she should be teaching the cat to engage with toys, not fingers.

Fortunately, on this occasion I was able to snap out of my trance and escape cat-free.  But I am not sure I will always be so strong, and I'm scared of where it might lead.


  1. While I am generally a great fan of both your blogging and artistic capabilities I think on this occassional your depiction of what 2015 may look like lacks depth. With so many cats and 1 Lissy, how could there be no cheese?

  2. Ben, I'd be looking to the morbidly obese brown cat for an answer to that one.


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