Sunday, April 25, 2010

This Is Statring To Be A Worry

It is becoming clear that whoever is in charge of the local school's noticeboard might actually be dyslexic.

This makes it less fun to poke fun at the nonsensical notices that appear from time to time.  Well, a little less fun.  Maybe.  It does, however, make me wonder who thought this was the best job for the person in question, and why these signs are left to sit defiantly next to the STAFF CARPARK.  Yes, I'm talking to you, Mr. White Station-wagon.

Still, I appreciate how easy these little slip-ups can be, and how one letter can really change the meaning of what it was you were trying to say.   For example, in attempting to type "brush with death," I accidentally wrote "bush with death."  Which would look something like this:

Images from here and here
Which got me thinking about other ways to mangle the phrase.  Perhaps a "brush with Heath?"

Images from here and here
Or a "crush with death?"

Images from here and here
The possibilities are endless.  

Well, maybe not endless.  Actually, that's all I could think of.


  1. Blush with death

    Flush with death

  2. Both excellent, nerd.

    I will make pictures of those and of any others that anyone would like to see illustrated in very professionally photoshopped pictures.


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