Friday, April 2, 2010

Greeeeeenfingers...... She's The Girl, The Girl With The Greenish Touch

We have been pretty happy in our house, but lately the Fella and I have got to thinking that we have far too much money, use far too little water, and don't spend enough time engaged in heavy lifting, bending over and swearing at cabbage moths.   Any of these things is resolved easily enough on its own - indeed, I've become adept at swearing at a range of flying pests - but the simplest way of tackling them all was to build a vegie patch.

We chose this fine patch of land.  It's where our bamboo used to be, and is now a graveyard for bones and clothes pegs.

With the site chosen, we had to think about how to thwart the garden's most formidable enemy: 

Surveying the moonscape around us, it was clear that our tasty, tasty vegetables would have to be guarded against this menace by a very sturdy structure.  Very sturdy indeed.

After many Very Precise Drawings in the margins of newspapers and on the little pad next to my phone, I worked out a most ingenious design, and toddled off to Queanbeyan (o, happy place!) to procure wood and screw thingies to hold the wood together.  I think they are called screws.

When I returned, the Fella had the following questions:
  1. Are you sure we need 64 screws?
  2. Who pays $1 each for screws??????
  3. This little project has so far cost us over $600. We will be paying for extra water, mulch and other mysterious things gardeners use on an ongoing basis. We would usually spend $175 a year on vegetables, $80 worth of which would end up back in the compost.  Isn't this a rather expensive way of producing compost?
  4. How do these screws work, anyway?
  5. Couldn't we just use one screw on each plank?
After a day's digging, I was able to demonstrate the need for correct screwage as I started to construct the  frame.

By this stage of a project I usually lose interest and go off to start knitting another scarf.  And the Fella, who was suffering from a fit of domesticity, did not help my focus by making these delightful hot cross buns.

However, fortified by the bunny goodness, I fixed the remaining 58 screws, pulled my pants down a tad, and leaned on a crowbar to admire my work.

The longer posts are for securing wire to repel the beast, should she jump up and start grabbing things Balrog-style.

And here are the things we planted yesterday.

I guess we're going to have to start eating vegetables.


  1. Cool! Beats my summer total of three capsicums, 12 chillies and a tomato. Yes, one tomato. *eye roll* Next year I think I'll water the plant a bit more.

  2. You don't need to eat the vegetables - just sell them by the roadside with an honesty box, then use the money to buy chips.

    People in Canberra are honest, right?

  3. They are as honest as the day is long. So, slightly less honest this week than last week.

    Chips is a good and tasty idea. Now I am hungry.

  4. Excellent construction work! And I do love that you were out building while your man was a-baking.


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