Monday, March 29, 2010

My Dog Rocks.... in the verb of greatness.  I do not have rocks that belong to a dog, nor rocks that resemble a dog in a quirky and collectible way, nor do I mean my dog sits around swaying.

Nope, what I mean is that Ellen is back to being the greatest dog in the world on account of having buried her demons (along with her expensive chew toy) and PASSING BEGINNERS' OBEDIENCE!!!

She now has a certificate to prove that she is obedient.  Note that the certificate also says that I am obedient.  I intend to wave this certificate at the Fella every time Ellen or I eat one of his socks, decline to come when called, jump on him excitedly and muddy his suit, or decide we'll have a bit of a go at the aspidistra.

Ellen did beautifully in her exam, but not perfectly.  Take for example the "Group Sit" exercise, where the dogs have to sit for 30 seconds.

Here is what all the dogs in the class were doing:

Click to embiggen.  It will still be blurry, but it will be big and blurry.

And she was fine in the individual exercises....

....once she learned to face the right way.

This time she didn't even try to eat the traffic cone!

She was even an angel on the way home.  I guess it's pretty tiring being well-behaved for a whole hour.

We start intermediate classes next week.  I am not overly-confident.


  1. Oh, I am SO PROUD of you both. *wipes tear*

  2. Congratulations! Maybe she's maturing... or something. :-)

  3. Also - what's the really blurry person in the first photo doing? It looks like he's swinging a dog around on a leash, but that would probably be wrong. In both senses.

  4. lsn, you're right - that would be wrong, and of course he's not swinging a dog.

    He's swinging a cat. During the exam they like to challenge the dogs with distractions.


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