Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Haikus That Capture The Low Points Of My Day Today

It's cozy in bed.
But what is that shooting pain?
Fat cat sleeps on legs.

Lovely crusty loaf
makes superior toast but
all gone. Bran for me.

New Subway at school.
No! Horror! Vomit! Distaste!
Stinky, stinky stink.

Driving home with smile.
All calm, but anger rises
at cretin in Merc.

Ellen walks in sun
but stops for telltale action.
This will need two bags.

Glass of wine soothes soul.
A second would be tasty
Alas!  All gone.  Sad.


  1. Love driving in a cab
    At night
    In Melbourne

    - Rhys Muldoon (via Twitter)


    Isn't he dreamy?

  2. You haiku very nicely. Do you do them as you go along, or identify the low points and then get creative?

  3. lsn - thank you. When life's little challenges give me the choice between reacting with poetry or stabbiness, I try to steer towards the former. Not always successfully, but on this occasion there is a Merc driver who can thank his lucky stars for Haiku.

    Ben - I had no idea you felt that way. You should talk about this with your life partner.


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