Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Commitment To You, The Seven People Who Read This Blog

Tonight Ellen and I returned to school.  We have been placed in a very big class, and we are the only ones there for the second time.

Ellen already has a new best friend.  He is a greyhound, and he is a week older than Ellen and a quarter of her size.  Ellen could eat her new friend and still have room for the irksome Japanese Spitz that was bouncing around near us.  Even though they have a cool name, I don't especially like Japanese Spitzes, because they are jumpy and dumb.  Nothing at all like Ellen.

I pledge that we will pass this time.  We will pass with a ribbon.

Now it's on the blog it must come to pass.  There are no lies on the interwebs.


  1. Go team! I witnessed some regional Vic dog training on the weekend. Decided there should be a rule that you're not allowed to get a dog that weighs more than you do. They have some big dogs out in the sticks. Big, psycho dogs.

  2. That is an excellent rule. It should be instituted alongside the rule that you shouldn't have a cat that can completely obscure a box of Rice Bubbles with his belly fat.

  3. Good luck! Hopefully she's matured somewhat and is ready to pass!


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