Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Muchos Adorablos, Es El Diablo!

When I get home in the evenings Ellen is always waiting at the gate.  Sometimes she has a fence paling in her mouth, sometimes a shrub, but she always has a big waggy tail and is very pleased to see me.  And when I leave her in the morning, she sits by the gate and gives me those big brown puppy eyes (in fairness, they're the only ones she has), and looks as though she intends to sit there all day, pausing only to bark at ants (her newest and most endearing pastime) or to dig some test-pits in the lawn to see if any forgotten bones might be down there.

In short, I worry about her being lonely when I'm away, and I think she'd really like a friend to spend the day with.

So today I had a little look at the RSPCA website, and found the Very Cute Diablo:

Diablo looks like an extra from Fraggle Rock, but is actually a "Rough Collie Cross."  I don't know if this means she's a rough collie who is rather angry, or a collie cross who is a bit of a bruiser, or if she was simply the result of forbidden love between a rough collie and an unnamed suitor.  Considering this is what a rough collie looks like....

.... she must have been crossed with something quite unlike a collie.  Possibly a bear or a Fraggle.

Anyway, I sent the photo to the Fella, and received an instant response that I was never allowed to choose pets for us again.  Ever.  

And when I'd finished stomping my feet and pouting, I thought maybe he is right.  Looking into Diablo's biography a little more closely, I was able to apply the translation skills I learned through my experience of getting Ellen to see that maybe she wasn't the best choice for us.  From her listing on the RSPCA site:

"Diablo likes to style her shaggy coat by running into the wind while chasing butterflies (SHOULD READ: Diablo has long hair that will pick up lots of crap and she will probably end up with grass seeds between her toes and a Very Expensive Infection).  She is very playful and has a great sense of adventure, leaping all around the place without a care in the world (SHOULD READ: Diablo has ADHD.  You will never be able to train this dog). Diablo is a social girl and is looking for a family who shares her enthusiasm for life (SHOULD READ: Diablo is suited to someone who doesn't mind being jumped all over, barked at when they are not paying enough attention, and who perhaps has a slightly diminished mental capacity)."

So perhaps she is not the right one for us, but I do think it would be nice to get a friend for Ellen.  The Fella needs some convincing, and the friends I've raised it with face-to-face have told me bluntly that I'm a loony.  So I need some more help for my campaign.  Please feel free to leave messages of support that I can show to the Fella with a jabby "seeeeeeee that" finger.


  1. Dogs are pack animals and like the company of other dogs. You should always have 2 dogs.

    However I think you're a loony. Instead of getting another dog from the RSPCA i suggest sending Ellen back.

  2. I think you should get another dog. But one that is known to you, old and known to be of calm disposition.

    If nothing else it will be an experiment to see if Ellen's Ellen-ness is transferable.

  3. I really, really, really don't think you should get another dog. At least not until you move somewhere bigger with no neighbours.

  4. Thanks everybody. That is exactly the kind of support I was looking for. The Fella can't say no now!


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