Monday, January 4, 2010

Surgical Removal Of My Number Smarts

Today I went to the dentist.  It was my first visit for a few years, so I was a bit nervous about what she would find.

Turns out I have no decay, but she said two very unwelcome things to me:

"You are a grinder." (Translation: I am wearing my teeth down like a walrus.  If I don't pay $650 for the special night-time mouthguard thingy she wants me to wear, I will have no teeth on the bottom in ten to fifteen years and will find it very difficult to bite off pieces of sticky-tape at Christmas time.)

Second, following a nasty, nasty cleaning: "The bleeding will stop in ten to fourteen days."  If she'd mentioned this BEFORE the cleaning I could have saved us both some time.

And the final shock?  I was billed $100 for "Removal of calculus."  I am going back next week to have my quadratic equations extracted.

1 comment:

  1. Sheesh. What do they remove if you have no number smarts to begin with? No wonder I fear the dentist.


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