Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lissy, It's Your Birthday......

There's an old Romanian saying about birthdays.  It's not as elegant in English as it sounds when the Gypsies sing it to their children, but it goes something like this:

If you eat zucchini on your birthday, your arms will be strong and the skin on your feet will maintain its integrity, and your eyes will stay in your head, even if your cousin hits you very hard in the back of the head with a sapling.  If you don't eat zucchini, you will fall in a tar-pit.  Even if you live in an area where they are virtually unknown.

I'm not usually given to superstition: I have a black cat who is always crossing my path, I spill a whole lot of salt, and I'm not averse to putting my shoes on the table.  In fact, you'll often see all three things going on at the same time in my house.  Nonetheless, it is better not to tempt fate in certain situations, especially if you're as terrified of tar-pits as I am.  So I enlisted the Fella to make these super-fabulous zucchini and mint fritters for lunch, and now I feel much safer.  And full.

The only other superstition I indulge in is the uncanny wisdom of fortune cookies.  While cleaning out my handbag this morning, I came across this fortune that I had saved from my last outing to the local Chinese:

This fortune is uncanny.  Disregarding the fact that three other people on the table got the same fortune, I was sure it was written for me.  I do enjoy giving gifts to myself, and yes, I have always felt I should be rewarded for that.  I might just get myself a little something this afternoon.

I think the stain on the corner is lemon chicken.


  1. Ah-ha! So that's what you're doing hanging around meatloaf bars on Sunday nights!

    You know, you should really think about having your birthday sometime memorable, like the day before a major public holiday...

  2. Nobody I know has a birthday then. Most of my friends were born on Boxing Day.

  3. Of course, I was on the wrong track. January 17 is the day after St Fursey's Day. Happy Fursey to you!

  4. Happy Birthday, somewhat belatedly. Hope you had a good day.

  5. Thank you lsn, had a zucchinilicious birthday.


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