Sunday, January 3, 2010


Olivia Newton-John has convinced us.  Why would you exercise for free in the fresh air, when you could do it in front of the telly, and pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege?

So, we purchased a Wii.  His name is Keith.  These are our avatars: the Fella, me and Stuart.

There is no Ellen.  Ellen is not interested in self-improvement.

The avatars are not quite as we designed them.  The hair, glasses and general appearance are accurate, and we had chosen what we thought were fine and accurate physiques.  The Wii had other ideas.  After it weighed us, it swelled our tummies up to the comical proportions you see above.  It also reduced my height significantly.

This was only the first of many indignities it would have us suffer on the first day.

Upon completing most exercises I was ranked "Couch Potato," and it kindly suggested that maybe balance exercises weren't "my cup of tea."  And it told me my fitness age is 52.  It even suggested Stuart lay off the afternoon snacks.

This is war.  I will not take crap from a Nintendo.

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  1. Lissy, I almost cried with laughter at the Wii posting. Not that I understand the whole Wii thing anyway... Mel


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