Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sign Of The Tmies

If the Fella and I end up staying in Canberra, and if we end up having a non-furry child, we will not be sending that child to the local primary school.

To add to the genius, the sign has been there for well over a week.

The Fella reckons someone has changed it, but the case has three padlocks on it.


  1. At least they spelled the big words correctly. And then had a dyslexic moment, but that happens.

    My local primary school's motto is:

    "Teaming For Excellence".

    Which is just so wrong and another reason why I wouldn't send a child there.

  2. ROFL! "Teaming For Excellence" is brilliant!

    But our mob would spell it "Teeming".


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