Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Progress Report

Our new addition is finally earning her keep.  Last night I spilled some peas on the kitchen floor.  Ellen ate them all up.  We have had her two months, and that is the first useful thing she has done.

Unfortunately she is less helpful in the garden.  

On Sunday, the Fella and I decided to remove our temporary brick wall and repair the fence that Ellen had escaped through a number of weeks ago.  Of course Ellen wanted to help us, and was doing very useful things like picking up the hammer and taking it away, or just hanging around in order to poop where we wanted to stand.

Well, I thought.  Here's an excellent opportunity to practise some of those things we've been doing at school.  In particular, the "wait" command.  This is where we tie our dogs to a fence (actually, we only tie their leads. It would take a lot of string, and patience, to tie Ellen securely to a fence), and then we say "WAIT" as we go off and pretend to buy goat's cheese at the market.  The dog sits quietly, and we return and reward them with a kebab.  

In theory.

Ellen was duly tethered to a deck railing and told to wait.  She was nice and quiet, so we moved around the corner to continue fencing.

No noise for five minutes, so the Fella went around to check on her.  She was standing where we'd left her, but had done this to her lead:

Sigh.  She was very pleased to be back with us and sharing her building skills.

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