Thursday, September 24, 2009


In recent history there have been many great failures:
  • Bert Newton's hair
  • Mark Latham's pancreas
  • Utegate
  • The ending of "The Birds"
  • The shape of the original Hubble telescope lens, and
  • The decision by Coles to stop importing my favorite satay sauce.
We can now add Ellen to this list.

The exam started last night with a simple exercise: walking on a loose lead from one traffic cone to another, then turning around and coming back.

Ellen picked up the cone in her mouth, then pulled like a really pully thing towards the puppies beyond the second cone.  I was told later that "her attention wasn't really on you."

The other exercises weren't much better, but she kicked arse at sitting.

She was the only dog to leave without a certificate, and she also got told she was overweight again.

We'll show them next term, Ellen.


  1. So, is now a good time to mention that Squid graduated dux of her obedience class?

  2. No. It is not a good time to mention that.

  3. It's the next book in the enormous pile next to my bed.

  4. Maybe you should try tiring her out a bit before the class - say run 3-5km and then see how she goes?

  5. Hmmm. 3-5km run might tire HER, but would probably kill ME.


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