Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sometimes people think I am exaggerating Ellen's behaviour.  No, they say, shaking their heads and smiling, she couldn't possibly be THAT naughty.

Our report card last night said that we needed to work on "Calming."

This rather grainy video was shot with my phone last night.  All the other dogs were sitting very nicely at the feet of their owners.  Some were watching the instructor talking, some just looking up at their people with adoration.  Others were lying down quietly, waiting for their next instruction.

This is what Ellen was doing.

We have one more class, and then the exam.


  1. Yep, she's a lab. Roly used to do just that too. I don't think he ever grew out of it either. Not that I'm saying Ellen won't...

  2. "SOME of you MIGHT like to do obediance work" ... she's very, um, free spirited isn't she?

  3. Do they have doggie valium?

    Roly ended up being neutered and getting oestrogen shots, but that was more to do with a puberty-derived major increase in aggression (we also blamed the Rottweiler part of him for that too). I'm not sure oestrogen shots would help Ellen.

    She'll calm down. In about... oh 12 years or so.


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