Friday, August 7, 2009

Parents' Night

Last night was Parents' Night at Ellen's new school.  Along with lots of other proud mums, and a few young fathers, I attended a talk on what to expect from obedience training, and what rules we all need to follow.

The rules are basically the same ones that apply at any school: pick up your child's poo, don't approach someone else's child if you see it tied to a pole, and don't bring your child to school if she has distemper or is in heat.  Nothing about leaving your child at home if she is a nutcase, so I guess we're OK.

The introductory lecture was held in the clubhouse.  As you'd expect, there are lots of photos of dogs on the wall.  Most of them look a lot calmer than Ellen - some are even holding ribbons in their mouths and not tearing them up.  There are also hilarious stickers that say things like "Dog trainers don't die, they just drop on recall."  I don't know what dropping on recall is, and Ellen sure as hell doesn't, but I guess we'll both learn, and have a good laugh at the sticker when our year is up.

So.  Dog people.  Our instructor came into the clubhouse wearing a big woolly jumper, hiking boots and shorts.  One of the first things he said was that we should dress warmly, as outdoor classes on Canberra winter evenings can get a little nippy.  To demonstrate this, he put on a beret.  He then spent 45 minutes talking about pieces of cheese and other choice treats we need to bring along to next week's class.

Next, he spoke a little about the type of collar and lead we should have, and asked if there were any questions.  One girl put up her hand and said that her dog was so small she couldn't find a collar to fit, so it wore a ferret harness, and was that OK?  Beret man asked if she was embarrassed.  I don't think he was joking.

So, to finish, he said that we would find that next week our dogs will be the worst behaved that they've ever been as they'll be incredibly excited about everything.  

God help us.  Oh, and God....please don't let Ellen eat the ferret dog.

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