Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whispering Jack

Ellen's dog whisperer just left.  Although he didn't whisper so much as growl, shout, wrestle and spray water.

He had lots to say, but my favorite things were:

"She's the worst dog I've seen, and I've seen over 300."
"She has some good qualities and some bizarre ones."
"She is out of control."

Usually, he said, younger dogs were easier to control, but Ellen was a little more "highly-strung" than most.  So to control her, we need to put her on the very expensive lead and choker chain he sold me, and growl at her like a mentally unbalanced person when she acts up.  This works to calm most dogs down in two weeks, but it can take six weeks if the dog is "dumb."  Luckily she's not dumb.  She's just a nutcase.

Oh, and the guy's name wasn't Jack, it was Brian.  I changed it to preserve his anonymity.


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