Sunday, July 26, 2009


My first experience with a computer was a Commodore 64 in Grade 6.  When something went wrong with it, it was usually pretty easy to find the source of the problem: either someone had unplugged it so they could plug in the fish-tank pump, or someone had changed the text colour to the same colour as the background, or there were Cheezel crumbs in the tape player.

Things are a little more complicated in the noughties.  For example, I was just looking at some of my blog's stats, and it has a breakdown of crawl errors. Now, I don't even know what crawl errors are, but I've learned they can have simple causes like "time-out," or "not found."

My blog had none of those problems.  The five crawl errors listed all occurred because they had been "restricted by robots."  What?!?  As an eleven year old, sitting there eating Cheezels and waiting for the Pitfall Harry tape to load, this is just the sort of problem I imagined would happen in the future.  Then, as now, it made me uneasy and whimpery.  ROBOTS are determining who reads my blog and under what circumstances???

Until now, the Fella's greatest fear has been cookies*, but he is obviously unaware of the automaton menace.  When he gets home we shall board ourselves up immediately inside the house with lots of canned food, two pasties, and some Maltesers.

But we'll leave the dog outside.  She's still in my bad books. 

*the computery kind, not the chocolate-chip kind.  Nobody is frightened of those ones.


  1. Hang on, what sort of pasties? These ones? Or these ones?

  2. Astrocave, you've given me an idea. As long as they weren't straight out of the oven, I reckon I could combine the two.

  3. He leaves a comment and STILL can't update his damn blog.

    I really miss the Aztec game we had on the C64. I played it again at a con, and it was so much fun (and much easier than I remembered. I think I may have adapted.)

    I wonder about the robots too, especially in light of the restraining HAL articles recently.


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