Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Diet Update

Today Ellen has eaten the following:
  1. Expensive breakfast of gourmet dogfood that is designed to keep Ellen glossy and regular, stuffed inside an even more expensive rubber thing that is supposed to provide "environmental stimulation" and stop her destroying said environment.  Food worked a treat.  Rubber thing - not so effective.
  2. One pineapple ring.  Delicious, nutritious, and gives a touch of paradise to Ellen's Canberra winter days.
  3. Half a doormat.
  4. Two pieces of broken plastic.  Leftovers from yesterday's meal of solar garden light.
  5. One dogwood tree.  In a terracotta pot.
  6. One bonsai pot.  Small.  Green glazed.  Not actually eaten, but stolen from toolshed and smashed on the deck.
  7. A cactus.  More specifically, a cactus that was scavenged with some delight from a big bin six years ago.  It has flowered beautifully every year, and has been a constant, if prickly, companion.
  8. Some water.  Presumably to dislodge prickles.
  9. Horse poo.  Always a highlight of walkies.

1 comment:

  1. A cactus?!?! Your dog is strange. And apparently impervious to spiky things. That coudl be a problem.


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