Thursday, May 7, 2009

Silver Linings

Much to the Fella’s amusement I have two books by the Dalai Lama. I’ve read one of them, and meant to read the second, but got distracted by the latest Harry Potter. So, I’m not enlightened as such, but I picked up a few hints from the first one that are helping me to keep sane over here. The greatest of these lessons is to try and see the good in people and situations. Now, people I’m not so good at, but I’ve tried hard to see the upside of all the little things that might otherwise reduce me to a dribbling mess. So here’s my attempt to see the silver linings to the clouds of this week:

Problem 1: The shower is situated directly above the toilet, which is a hole in the ground surrounded by extremely slippery tiles. It’s not a good idea to venture in without thongs. Or to drop the soap.
Upside: It’s OK to pee in the shower.

Problem 2: The dig team commits sartorial crimes against humanity. One day this week I wear grey tracksuit pants, purple socks with red Birkenstocks, and a t-shirt that says “It’s chic to be Greek”, with a torn man’s shirt over the top. There’s no full-length mirror here, but I can see in a small one that my head looks like Russell Brand’s. Including the beard.
Upside: I’m still the best-dressed person on the team.

Problem 3: Every meal includes something deep-fried.
Upside: Every meal includes something deep-fried!

Problem 4: There’s no TV.
Upside: Ummmm….bad example. There’s no upside to this.

Problem 5: We suffer a wide range of afflictions, including bloating, cramps, strange rashes, itchy bites, hurty bites, unsightly bites, sore eyes, rampaging free radicals, cracked skin, psychosis, restless legs, Giardia, hangovers, ennui, Tourette’s Syndrome, lethargy, scurvy and toothache.
Upside: We’re quite safe from Swine Flu.

Problem 6: My watch broke and the very white watch-shaped bit of my arm is now sunburned.
Upside: Can make a good case to the Fella for a new watch when I get home.

Problem 7: Every time someone in the village turns on a pump the power fluctuates wildy, lights flash, and it’s like trying to work in the world’s crappiest disco, and then two flies will try and make icky fly love on my drawing and I’ll knock over my water bottle trying to shoo them away and then when I’ve cleaned up and got settled I’ll find that one of the flies has done a poo right on the bit I’m working on.
Upside: Nobody can make me watch Four Corners here.

I feel much better now.

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  1. Oi!! There is NOTHING WRONG with Four Corners!! Now if you'd said "Today Tonight" I'd have agreed with you.

    Upside to no TV: No Logies bored-cast.

    As to the swine flu - you, me, us them... I don't think many people are actually endangered by it. Well, as many as are endangered by the normal strains currently circulating. Which reminds me, I have to get my flu shot again.

    And no matter how badly you think you're dressed - you'll still look better than some people at the Logies broadcast. Myf Warhurst, Tracy Grimshaw and several soapie people I've never heard of, I'm looking at you.

    And you'll definitely be better dressed than Madonna. This outfit has been making me laugh all week.

    Yes, I'm shallow.


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