Monday, April 13, 2009


Aleppo. The reasonably-sized apple. The city that never sleeps (except between midday and three, and then again at night-time). The city so nice they named it once. So many things to so many people.

Arrived this afternoon after an uneventful bus trip. Wait, that's a bit boring. OK, let's say we arrived after we were delayed on the road tending to a bear that seemed to be a bit disoriented and dehydrated. No. A giraffe. No. Piers Akerman - he was still cramped and cranky from flying over here in economy with the octuplets and their widely maligned mother, and he needed comforting with pasties.

So, after that adventure we arrived not knowing if we had accommodation. Easter is apparently a big weekend for the hotels here. Anyway, after much hand wringing and rolling eyes we found shelter in our usual digs (in the street where one goes to buy tyres and Russian ladies).

Aleppo has changed again this year. Streets have pay parking (50 Syrian Pounds an hour - VERY steep indeed), and I have seen three cars clamped. Nothing else noticed so far, but I've been too busy blowing my nose and thinking about falafel. Usual day really.

Off to the village tomorrow, so unless the sheep-pen attached to our work compound has been converted to an internet cafe, I shall be incommunicado until Thursday next week.

Enjoy the last of the Easter festival. Hope to give you an update with pictures (!) soon.

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  1. Mmmm.. and now I'm thinking about falafel. Damn.


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