Sunday, April 12, 2009

adventures up the pointy end

There are a number of things a girl loves to hear someone say to her:

1: "I love you"
2: "I like your feet - they're not strange at all"
3: "Go ahead - the last samosa is all yours"

But perhaps sweetest of all is

4: "We're upgrading you to Business Class"

It was number four that has me forgetting my raging cold and dancing a dainty little jig at the check-in counter at Sydney airport yesterday.

Despite having a throat that feels like 240 grit sandpaper (for those of you unfamiliar with abrasive products, that's gritty) and a head that feels like it is full of pink batts (they're soft, but a bit itchy), I am looking forward to boarding the plane. My trip to the airport had me imagining the 14.5 hour trip squashed between Piers Akerman and that lady with the octuplets, but now I'm excited about the prospect of drinking from glass, spiffy toiletries, and most excitingly the prospect of horizontalness.

So, skipping ahead, I'm reclining in my capsule with a drink (in glass!), attracting looks of pure hate from the economy passengers filing past, and playing with the buttons on the massage seat. Drrrrrrrrrrrr (shoulders), drrrrrrrrrrrr (right buttock), drrrrrrrrr (left buttock), drrrrrrrr (both legs), drrrrrrrrr (left buttock again. Surprisingly).

I'm offered a drink, but there's a problem. I'm not supposed to drink alcohol while I'm taking cold and flu tablets. What's a girl to do? I take the advice of my Fella (who is not a doctor, but is very wise), and do not take my tablets. Two glasses of Californian pinot noir later and that seems like good advice.

Food is wonderful. I have the "grass-fed lamb shanks". I wonder idly what the economy class lambs were fed. Unfortunately am so full from the half-loaf of bread and dips that preceded the meal that I can't face dessert. Nor select anything else from the menu. It saddens me, because they have "many flavours of crisps and Doritos" and I can't fit them in.

So, I sleep for nine hours (nine!!), and then watch a movie. There's still an hour left. What should I do? Hmmmm.

Drrrrrrrrr (left buttock).


  1. how exciting to be upgraded! I am very happy for you. you are SO SPECIAL!

  2. wow - how exciting to be upgraded - the trip is off to a great start for you ... you are SO SPECIAL!

  3. yes! that's awesome!

    sorry to hear you have a cold though :( that is a suckful start to your trip.

    still, at least your left buttock is nice and relaxed.

  4. Bah humbug. Pure sexism that women with beautiful feet get upgraded. Why do airline staff see your feet and the rest of us don't (well, I haven't)? Show us your feet, Lissy.


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